Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ethan On The Move!

Ethan has been doing a great job learning how to scootch forwards this week.  He's SOOO close to crawling... I feel like any day now he'll figure it out.  I can't imagine its easy carrying all that weight around... but he'll figure it out soon.  In the meantime, to help with his frustration, we got him a walker and it was so adorable when I first put him in it today and he realized he could move around the room on his own... freedom!  He was laughing so hard... I am posting a cute video of it on Facebook if you want to see.  I sure hope he won't need it for long, but for the time during the day when I need to get stuff done I hope it helps out!

By the way, I checked and he has three teeth out on the top now (the front two and one on the side).  Still working on the other three!

The Boys Are Growing Up So Fast!

Ever since we returned last week from our vacation, I've tried to blog but never have had a moment.  It's been crazy this month!  But we had a wonderful time at the beach for two weeks.  Pj's parents have a rental beach home in Corolla, NC which is in the Outer Banks and so we went down with them and also Pj's brother, sister, sister-in-law and nephew.  We pretty much just lived by the pool or beach the entire time, read a couple of books, played mini-golf, frequent visits to Dunkin Donuts (within walking distance... yay!) and Pj and I even got to go out one night for a date and re-visited our favorite restaurant for some yummy bbq.  The boys had so much fun in the water!  Unlike last year, Trey did have some moments of fear with both the pool and the ocean, but it wasn't long before he was jumping in the water hands free.  This year we got him to wear the arm floaties and go in the pool on his own.  He kicked around on his own... I'm so proud of him.  Ethan was hilarious!  We put him in his yellow float in the pool and he just laid back and looked like he would fall asleep... didn't move an inch.  All he needed was a drink in one hand!  When we were hanging out by the water, we were eating icecream and brownies and playing cards with the family.  Great memories!  Pictures to follow:-)

And, since our family never does things the easy way, Trey decided he wanted to start using the potty two days before we were to leave.  So I packed his potty and big-boy training underwear and held my breath:-)  He's done an amazing job!  Most days he stays dry the whole day.  He even remembers to go to the potty most times without us asking him.  With this, he has also learned to undress and dress himself... which has been really helpful to me (except for when we're in a rush;-)).  I still pick out his outfits though... he doesn't have the matching thing down yet;-)

While we were on vacation, I decided I couldn't stand Trey's crazy hair any longer and had his Uncle Mike buzz the back a bit.  It looks so much better and while he looks older, part of me wants to let him buzz the rest off;-)  But maybe next year!

Ethan is really changing alot right now.  He's mostly eating table-food now... although he has to figure out that he needs to swallow before taking the next bite.  He has a bottomless pit for a stomach I think!  He's still a Gerber baby which all his chub rolls, but he's starting to really stretch out.  The doctor told us the other day he was 22 lbs and when I measured him last week he was over 29 inches long.  He's got alot of teeth on their way in.  All these months he's only had the bottom two and now 6 (top front four and two on either side of the bottom front) are coming in.  I am pretty sure all top four have popped through now (which may account for two nights of better sleep we've had).  At times like this I wish babies were born with all their teeth... although that would look really scary!

Ethan is starting to figure out how to move on his own.  He's a very laid-back kid generally, but now he is starting to get frustrated about not being mobile and is trying hard.  Over vacation he pulled himself up to standing on his own a few times.  Now he does that pretty easily.  He can coast a bit holding on to furniture, but mostly just likes to stay in one place and bounce.  The other night he finally figured out how to inch forwards a little bit on his belly rather than backwards.  I'm proud of my little man!

Pj is enjoying a calmer time at work now that school is out.  It's been nice having him come earlier in the evenings.  I am glad we have a few more weeks left before school is back in session.  He joined our church's recreational soccer team and they are playing in Germantown on Mondays nights against other local teams (just for fun kind of thing).  He's been enjoying that!  Part of me wants to play with them but I think they would like to win games rather than lose.  I'm more of a tennis girl anyways;-)

There isn't much to report for me... I've been keeping busy with the boys and with my business (have had pretty steady work coming in with breaks here and there which has been nice).  The past few days I've been spending alot of my spare time researching travel deals to Italy.  Pj mentioned that next year we should try if we can to go away for a week just the two of us for a real vacation (the kind without kids were we can actually relax;-)).  The last time we had more than 48 hrs kid-free time on our own was BEFORE Trey was born.  We would really like to make it to Italy or somewhere else in Europe, but if we end up staying in the US that is fine too.  But we are looking to see if we can find one of those packages with a tour guide where we can see Rome and a few other spots.  We'll see!  If you have experience in this or have been there... email or call me;-)

That's if for now!  The kids just woke up from nap.  Here are some pics from vacation to share!