Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 you went by so fast!  I can't believe there only a few days left.  This day last year I found out I was pregnant with Ethan.  Now he is almost 4 months old!

And I can't believe how fast December flew by too.  I wish I could say it was uneventful, but it wasn't.  We are all still recovering from the stomach bug and also bad head colds that made their rounds throughout the family (thankfully Ethan didn't get the stomach bug since he has a vaccine for it though!).  Ethan has has a particular difficult time with this cold though and is recovering from his first ear infection, poor kid!  So Pj's two week break has pretty much been spent either taking care of the kids while I was sick or being taken care of while he was sick.  Oh well!  Atleast he could be sick at home:-)

Despite the sickness, we have had a really good time together.  Trey has really enjoyed Pj getting him out of bed each morning.  We got him a little train and train track for Christmas that is remote controlled and he LOVES it.  Every morning he wakes up and asks for his choo choo train.  He also loves playing with his Mr. Potato Head... it was a hit!  Ethan is still my happy chubby baby.  He is making all sorts of sounds now and even while he was sick, he never failed to give us smiles:-)  So sweet!

We spent Christmas Eve with my family and went to their candlit service at their church, which was alot of fun.  Trey sat with his Aunt Sarah the whole time and was the perfect child.  He shocked us!  Later that evening Pj and I attemtped to have a nice evening with wine, cheese, crackers, opening our gifts to each other and watching "It's A Wonderful Life".  We got as far are the presents, but then spent the rest of the night taking turns with the sick kids who kept waking up crying.  LOL!  It was a memorable night... let's leave it at that!  But thankfully everyone slept in the next morning and we didn't start opening presents till 9:30ish.  Trey knew exactly what to do this year... even attempted to open Ethan's gifts too;-)  He had alot of fun!  Later on in the afternoon we went over to spent Christmas Day with Pj's side of the family and a Christmas brunch.  It was just a really fun, laid back Christmas... lots of good memories!

Unfortunately we we're able to go to the beach house this week because of Ethan's cold and ear infection... just didn't want to be that far away from the doctor with him being so young.  Kind of sad... its the first year we didn't go down for the New Year since we got married... it'll be weird being around here for New Year's Eve.

Pj and I have gotten alot projects completed while he's been home on break.  We did alot of painting in areas of the house that needed it most... looks alot better in here!  I reorganized our closet and bought some bins to help keep my clothes from falling over constantly.  I organized the bins in our living room too with Trey and Ethan's toys.  Threw alot out.  Actually counted my shoes and am embarrassed to say how many I have... its amazing how things accumulate.  I am actually looking forward to Monday so I can put all the Christmas decorations away and get things cleaned up in here.  Christmas decorations are only nice before and during Christmas... afterwards they are just a pain to have around I feel like!

Here are some pics... that's pretty much all in terms of updates on us!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December has flown by so fast!  We've been busy wrapping present, baking cookies, and watching Christmas movies.  Trey has been really good about the Christmas tree this year... only touches the ornaments every now and then (and has only broke one).  He loves all the Christmas lights people have put out on their homes especially.  When we are driving around at night we hear him say, "Ohhhh Cis-mas ights!  Soo pretty!" (yes, pronounced like that too).  It's really cute!  He loves to sing Jingle Bells and Silent Night and he's pretty good at it too!  In fact, singing has been one of the new fun things that Trey has been doing lately.  He makes up his own songs alot, but his favorites to sing are "Jesus Loves Me", "Winnie the Pooh" and "Jingle Bells".  The other day I heard him singing almost all the words to "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" from the Lion King movie (his new favorite movie).  He has an crazy memory... and he definitely didn't get that from me! 

Ethan's personality is really starting to come out now!  He makes all these cute little squeals and grunts and coos.  When he is mad or hungry, you know it.  He doesn't cry, he just makes angry grunting sounds... our little piggy:-)  But most of the time Ethan is just a really happy, laid back baby.  He doesn't cry much.  He eats every 3-4 hours and will go 6-7 hrs of sleep each night too.  If his stomach is full, he just will lay around on his play mat and tackle his toys.  He loves to sit in our laps and talk to us and smile... loves to watch TV too.  We loves people!  He loves to watch us eat.  He seems to really want to move around on his own now too... which makes me think that maybe he will crawl early.  He did already roll from his stomach to his back too once!  He is trying REALLY hard to roll the other way now as well.

Pj is home for two weeks on his school break right now and we've been busy painting (yes, even though the stomach flu seems to be going around our home)... which we've been meaning to do for over a year now but just haven't had time or energy.  Its amazing how a fresh coat of paint can make our house look so much nicer!  We plan this weekend on spending Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Pj's family and then on Monday driving down to the beach house in Corolla for a week of relaxation.  We're so thankful for this break!  Trey has especially been enjoying all the Daddy time!!  That's it for now:-)  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all:-)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wanted to post a few pictures!  Ethan will be 3 months old tomorrow.  Wow, time has flown by so fast!  And Trey is shooting up too... I nearly cried when I saw him all dressed up in the suit below... he looked so old!  I am so thankful for my boys:-)  Enjoy the new pics!