Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ethan is great!

Thanks again for all of your prayers for our second big appointment that we had this afternoon with the high risk ob/gyn.  It went great -- Ethan has no problems whatsoever that they can see.  He just has a really big head and short legs.... which Trey did too.  We're so thankful!  The doctor was really thorough and he also checked my placenta just to make sure everything was still good.  I'm glad he did because apparently while it's not covering the cervix anymore, its still low enough to be in the danger zone.  Meaning, if I went into labor today, it would have to be a c-section.  However I'm only 30 weeks so by the time I deliver there is a good chance it will have moved away enough to not be a threat.  I'll have another sonogram with another high risk doc at 36 weeks.

So we are just so relieved for this good news... its been a very stressful week or waiting!  We are going on a two-week vacation to the beach starting Sunday, so we are glad to not have to worry about anything now while we're gone:-)

Thanks again for all your prayers!  We again felt alot of peace today and we're not overly nervous about this appointment because we could just felt like everything would be okay.  And it was:-) 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ethan's Heart is Fine!!

Hi Everyone!  Thanks so much for your prayers and support... we felt a lot of peace on our way to the doctor's appointment this afternoon.  And we were given wonderful news... Ethan's heart is perfectly fine as far as they can tell!  I can't begin to tell you the relief we felt after hearing that.  In addition to being able to see all the details of the heart, the size is great (oh, and apparently he is measuring 2 lbs 13 oz which is right on track for his age).

So one down and just one more to go.  We have our last big sonogram tomorrow afternoon.  This one will be with Kaiser's high risk doctor to determine whether Ethan's brain and kidneys are still looking too large or not.  But hopefully that will go well too.  However please keep praying!  We will let you know as soon as we find out.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prayer Request

Just a quick note... please be praying for Ethan's fetal echocardiogram at Children's National Hospital tomorrow that everything goes well and that the issues are either gone or very minimal!  Thanks friends and family:-)  We'll let you know as soon as we know the results!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Just Pics!

For those of you who like to see cute pics of Trey....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This will be a short post... but wanted to let everyone know that I had my sonogram yesterday and I no longer have placenta previa!  Yay!!!  In addition, I got to see Ethan again and he is adorable.  I don't have a scanner, but took a pic of the pic with my camera, so this is the best I can get for you right now.  His heartbeat is in the 130's still.  He moves around and kicks constantly.  Oh, he's in the head down position which is great since I can supposedly have a regular delivery now.  And he's very, very strong like his brother!

 The next two are looking straight down at the face... he's kind of tucked in there but you can see the mouth, head and eyes:-)

The sonogram did show some potential issues with Ethan having to do with his brain, heart and kidneys being on the large side and some veins in his heart that they couldn't see, but most likely everything is fine so we're trying not to worry to much about that.  So they are sending us to get a more detailed sonogram next week and to see a doctor who can help figure out if there are really any problems or not.  I should know next week or the week after once the results are in.

Here are some other cute recent pics of our first little boy!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm slowing down... believe it or not.  The past few days (I think the heat has helped), I've spent time on the couch relaxing each afternoon.  I was telling Susie the other night that for the first time since I can remember, I watched an entire movie and did not move (Trey was napping).  This is very hard for me to do because I often don't finish a movie or song or book before moving on to the next.  It wasn't really a very good movie... but atleast I relaxed.  The pregnancy is going quickly and I was surprised this week to realize that next week will be the third trimester beginning.  Wow!  I'm 27 weeks now.  Next week I have another doctor's appointment and after that they will be every two week instead of once a month.  My big sonogram is a week from Wednesday so be praying about that.  We will find out if I still have placenta previa or not!

We received some good news that WCA is switching to CareFirst insurance which means... drum roll... we get to go back to the old pediatrician and OB/GYN and primary doctors we love and miss!  I can't wait!!  We can deliver at Shady Grove Hospital where we had Trey and maybe we'll even get Dr. Martin again... we'll see.  Can you tell we're excited?;-)

Ethan has been making his existence very known to me today!  I was at the mall walking around with Trey when all of a sudden he started kicking me so hard that seriously I was in pain!  I'm just thankful it wasn't my rib (yet).  I believe it was Pj or his brother that kicked their mom in the rib and broke it... I'm hoping that Ethan doesn't do that.  Perhaps he hears Trey constantly kicking and throwing around the balls and is practicing to play with him!  He is a very active baby like his brother was.  He is the worst right before I eat... I suppose because he's hungry too;-)

Trey of course has no clue why Mommy is putting newborn diapers and clothes in his room and reorganizing the closet and putting old toys away.  He keeps himself busy most days either building block towers, reading books, stringing beads, watching his new favorite show "Bob the Builder", or kicking around balls (or throwing them at lamps... something we're working on stopping;-)).  He still LOVES to go outside and tries to open the front door.  He is still trying to put on his shoes by himself but usually needs help.  He is talking alot now!  He says alot of longer sentences, although only those close to him would know what he is saying most times.  He will repeat almost anything we ask him to say.  The other night we were at Pj's parents house for dinner and he was patiently waiting with his hands folded for prayer.  So Susie said "Dear Jesus, thank you for our food, Amen." and Trey repeated it.  Wish I had videotaped it!!

Trey's favorite thing to say is "Hi" and "Bye" to people or objects or animals.  The ladies at the mall today got a kick out of this!  We've learned that Trey is not afraid of people or animals, any shape or size!  This is great, except we're going to have to teach him about dangerous animals and not going up to stranger too!  Let's see, what else... oh he still loves the pool and bath.  He loves to run!  But Mommy can hardly keep up with him these days.  Pj and I just love having him in our life.  It's true what people say... children make each day more exciting.  They notice the little things that we take for granted.  So we're very thankful that Ethan is on his way.  Three months left:-)

We've been pretty busy here this spring!  The spring at WCA is of course full of events, but thankfully the summer should be fairly slow so Pj can relax a little bit!  I've been busy the past few weeks designing a commencement program for the school among other design projects.  That's been fun!  Alot of nights we go to the park for bbq and playing on the playground. 

Pj and I got away over the Memorial Holiday weekend for a two night babymoon in DC.  We had such a great time!  We stayed in Rosslyn, but were close enough to walk to our favorite restaurant in Georgetown for Sunday morning memosa brunch (I just had plain orange juice though;-)).  Then we took the Metro down and toured a few museums (I visited every single bathroom about every 15 minutes of course).  We had a tasty dinner at really well known burger spot in DC called the Trolley Stop or something like that?  It was just fun to get away just the two of us.  We didn't even think about Trey much because we knew he was fine and having fun with Pj's family!

Last weekend we went strawberry picking at Baugher's Orchard in Wesminster.  I grew up picking strawberries there every year and so it was fun to take Trey there.  My family came with us!  It was like old times... except it wasn't:-)  Trey loved the tractor ride and homemade icre cream and petting zoo.  He wasn't one bit afraid of the animals... but I was. 

Other than that, nothing much happening over here!  I'll update again after our big sonogram in a week and half.  Please be praying!  I really would rather not have a c-section;-)  Here are some recent pics I thought I'd share with you all!