Sunday, January 3, 2010

We're at Pj's parent's beach house in Corrolla, NC (Outer Banks) this week and so far its been really nice and relaxing.  Pj's family is here and we rang in 2010 the other night (Trey was fast asleep)!  Good times:-)  We really love being down here, so it will be hard to leave tomorrow.  I was able to walk down to the beach the other day and it was crazy how big the waves were.  A hurricane passed through a few weeks ago and it looks like it sliced half of the sand dunes away... leaving the walkways dangling.  Still haven't brought Trey down to the beach... hope to tomorrow if its not too cold for him.  It will be better when we're back here for vacation in July... and by then he'll be crawling around and eating sand;-)

Trey is now two months old.  Last week I put him on scale and he was about 11 lbs and 6 oz we think.  Not sure what he is now.  But he has changed and grown so much!  Just this past week he has really started to interact with everyone so much more and will try to talk to us (cute vocalizations of all kinds:-)).  He still loves his baths and has discovered how to splash all the water out of the tub and hasn't failed to poop while he is in there yet.  I was told he pooped three times last night in the tub!  He can push his whole upper chest up and keep his head upright and turn it from one side to another with being a bobble head.  He seems to be trying to crawl, but of course hasn't started yet thank goodness.  But I have a feeling he will be not long from now... maybe another month or two.  We'll see!