Friday, June 15, 2012

Ethan is 9 Months Old!

What a whirlwind few weeks it has been!  I feel like I live at the doctors offices... and yes I meant to say offices and not office!  At the beginning of the month it was for hand-foot-mouth virus that the boys had.  Then is was for a rash that Ethan had.  Then it was for Trey who we thought had broken his leg but thankfully hadn't (apparently growth marks in the bone look alot like fractures on x-rays).  Lastly Ethan's 9-month checkup and today Trey's 2-second checkup to make sure his bone wasn't broken for sure (yeah I know... waste of time but we had no choice).  I will be happy if we can stay away from drs offices for a month... just a month please!:-)  On the other hand... we are VERY thankful for medical insurance right about now;-)

And yes, Ethan is 9-months old!  I can't believe it... where has the time gone?  He did great at his appointment... passed the waiting time by ripping paper to shreds (which is his favorite activity).  Let's review a bit what's happened with Ethan this past month.  The biggest announcement is that he is self-feeding now and saying a few words!!  He's been saying Dada and Mama for a while now.  But the other day he pointed to a bip covered with pictures of dogs the other day and said it pretty clearly!  Then a few days later he say, "Tay" when he saw Trey.  We think he says hi too... but its hard to tell.  Most of the time he just likes to grunt (typical male), but so far he is saying more words than Trey did at that age (remember Trey's first word was clock at this age).  He loves to feed himself now!  His favorite are cheerios and yogurt melts.  If we aren't careful, he will grab food of our plates.  He will eat ANYTHING on the floor... so now more stickers Trey I'm sorry.  I have to vacuum alot!  The only downside is that he is refusing to be spoon fed and since he still is learning to chew well its been an interesting week!  He still isn't moving much yet... just scooting backwards, in big circles, and will roll from back to tummy to get closer to something.  He mostly just like to sit... or if you hold him he wants to jump up and down constantly or try to walk.  We've learned just how different siblings can be.  Ethan loves to just sit and take everything in.  He doesn't miss much.  But, unlike his big brother, he is content to watch.  He loves books and to be read to.  He loves toys with lights, sounds, textures and buttons.  He loves stuffed animals... will hug them and rub them on his face.  He loves people most of all!  He has the biggest happiest smile when he has someone's attention.  He waves hi and claps his hands.  He loves to be sung too!  He is a great kid:-)  The only downside right now is that he's not crawling or walking yet... so he can sometime get really frustrated.  Also he cries ALOT if he sees me but I'm sitting with him or holding him... so when I am working around the house and passing by him alot he will scream like he is dying.  But I just try to ignore it and tell he's fine.  Hopefully this phase will pass by soon!

Almost forgot... Ethan is now 21 lbs and 28 1/4" long:-)

And thinking about Ethan's age just made me think about how Trey will be 3 in just 5 months.  That's crazy!  My little ball of energy... I don't think he stops talking or running unless he's asleep!  We just got home from a long day out (his foot dr checkup) and he was so excited his Aunt Rachel was in the car that he was talking the whole way, asking her questions and telling her things he knows that he is proud of.  I love him... but I am so thankful for naptime.  Sometimes your ears need a break!:-)  But I am really enjoying him.  We've been really strict about discipine lately and the results are showing... he's definitely listening better and not having as many trantrums (thank you Ted Tripp "Shepherding a Child's Heart").  He loves playing imaginary games.  He will get on his firetruck car to "got to the grocery store" to buy me lunch or go to the library all the time.  He "feeds" his dinosaurs and gives them baths.  He loves play cars and lines then up and they take turns rolling across the floor.  He loves playing with Ethan now too... although all Ethan does is just sit there and laugh the whole time at Trey.  Its fun to watch!

I always think of all the things I want to blog about but when I get on here I forget everything... so sorry!  But life has been good apart from drs visits.  Pj is coming home earlier now that school is out (yay!).  We spend alot of time taking walks and going to the playground.  In a few weeks we're headed to OBX for our two week beach vacation with Pj's family as usual (can't wait!).  Trey never got to play on the beach a few weeks ago when we went because he was sick, so I know he'll enjoy this trip.  Pj and I made a deal that when the kids are napping he will stay at the house with them since he doesn't like the actual beach and I will go and enjoy mommy time reading and laying out in the sun by the waves.... I can't wait!!!  We are hoping to maybe rent beach bikes and take the kids on a ride on those trailer things (yes, I know they aren't trailers... I don't know what to call them) in the back.  Should be a fun trip!  I'm just happy that I'm not pregnant this time... because the heat and humidity is NOT fun when you are pregnant!

That's about it!  Here are some new pics:-)

Friday, June 1, 2012

May Flew By Fast!

Each day is crazy in its own way, but on the whole May was not a really busy month for us... which was nice.  With the weather warming up, we've spent alot of mornings at the playground, walking up to Jimmie Cone for ice cream, or on the porch blowing bubbles and playing with Trey's water toy (for lack of a better word).  It's been fun! 

And over Memorial holiday weekend we spent a couple of days with Pj's parents at their beach home.  Pj had been working crazy hours (that's what happens at the beginning and end of the school year I suppose) so it was nice to see him for a bit;-)  It ended up being a little crazy because the morning after we had arrived Trey came down with a virus.  We had gotten the boys all ready for the beach which is a HUGE task with kids now and once we stepped foot on the beach, Trey threw up everywhere.  Poor little guy!  He had been so excited to go to the beach and see crabs (he has been reading a library book about crabs).  Next month I suppose!  But he got better fast and we had a fun rest of the weekend swimming in the pool, taking walks to get doughnuts in the morning, and enjoying being away from home.  And Pj gave me the best mother's day gift every... he watched the boys for 3 hrs so I could go to the beach myself.  It was awesome!  If I weren't still nursing... I would have stayed even longer:-)  And then the night we were leaving, Pj's parents watched the boys while we went out for dinner... we found the BEST bbq/seafood place ever.  I'm still dreaming about that beef brisket!!

So it was a fun trip!  Can't wait to go back in July for our two week vacation there:-)

I'll update more some other time... but here are some pics from this past month!