Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy 8 Months, Ethan!

Ethan turned 8 months old today!  Here is a picture to celebrate:-)

Potty Time!

The past two days I cannot even begin to count the time I've said, "Do you have to go use the potty, Trey?" Yes, it's that time... the potty training has begun.  I've already wanted to give up so many times.  This process is harder on the parent than it is on the child I think.  Trey is fairly good about running to the potty when he has to go.  We're still working on taking his underwear off though.... however as long as everything gets in the potty that's okay I guess.  Baby steps!  The hardest part for me is the chaos and ickiness of it all!  I like clean floors and furniture... who doesn't.  I'm thankful for Clorox wipes... that's all I have to say!  I had read a mom's blog the day before starting and she was going over the steps of potty were much older... who knows.  She also suggested getting rid of all the other kids for a day or two so you could fully focus on the one.  Wish I could do that but that's not going to work out yet!  Ethan is definitely making the process much more difficult... he's going through an awful horrible clingy separation anxiety stage.  When I say separation anxiety...I mean I take ONE step in the opposite direction who cries... or if someone is holding him and he sees me he cries.  I love being loved... but come on buddy! 

If anyone has tips... pass them to me!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Niece, Scootching, & Babbling

It has been a big week!

First of all, my sister Sarah and her husband Jeff had their first baby, my first niece, yesterday.  Her name is Elizabeth Anne and she is beautiful.  I can't wait to hold her!

Secondly, Ethan has really started to move... he is not fully crawling yet, just on his belly, and so far its only circles or backwards.  However, it is still movement and we are proud of him!

Lastly, Ethan is babbling.  If you are on Facebook, I posted a video of him doing this and it is the cutest thing!  I wish I could post videos on here but they never seem to upload.

That's it for now!