Friday, March 25, 2011

March Update!

I just had my 16 week appointment this afternoon and everything seems to be going well.  I heard the heartbeat for the first time (the first two appointments for sonograms so we didn't get to hear it).  That sound never gets old!  I had been nervous because at this point in my pregnancy with Trey I had gained more weight, looked more pregnant and wasn't sick anymore.  This one is the reverse.  I've still only managed to gain 2-3 lbs, I am wearing all my old clothes (although the one pair of pants I know need to unbutton the top button (classy!;-)), and every late afternoon and evening I still feel blah and have to make myself cook and eat.  Maybe its a girl?  Haha, who knows!  We'll find out in about 2-3 weeks though.

We're still working on the names.  I've got a list going but to be honest we're not as big about doing everything quickly with this one as we were with Trey... I suppose because we know we've got many more months yet to decide.  I think the list for the girl is 5 names and the boys list is about the same, maybe less.  But that is mostly just from one idea Pj had and then a bunch of names I found I liked.  Clearly we have more work to do;-)

Alot of you knew that we have been looking into getting a larger home.  Well we're taking a break on that for a bit longer.. .going to try to save up more of a down payment and just wait things out a little bit longer.  There were two homes we had been looking at with alot of interest, but other people got to them first!  But I think we'll be okay in the condo until the kids get a little older.

With the spring coming, Pj is going to be getting busies at work, what with graduation, the senior trip, etc.  I have a feeling we won't see him much in May!  We are looking forward to the Senior Trip though because we are driving down early hopefully with him and then while he goes to chaperone the trip down in Kill Devil Hill, Trey and I will hang out in Corolla with Pj's parents and I think Brett perhaps.  I'm looking forward to a warmer beach than last week!

We were down in Corolla last week (as I just mentioned) and it was such a relaxing time for all of us.  Pj spent most of the time in the hot tub reading his theology books.  We watched alot of HGTV (our favorite!).  Trey had soooo much fun playing with Brett and Nana and PopPop.  Lots of good food too.  And the last day was 80 degrees so we went to the beach and took a walk.  Trey absolutely loves the beach!  I think this summer is going to be so much fun... although I'm going to need help chasing after Trey.  He so far shows no fear of the water whatsoever.  Even when it was freezing he ran in last week with bare feet.  He loves playing in the sand and digging.  He loves just running to his heart's content.

That has been my major issue with him lately!  Trey has boundless energy... and I of course have very little;-)  We have been taking lots of walks, playing ball alot, and going to lots of playgroups each week when we can.  He's a tiny bit shy of adults he doesn't know well who get to close to his face to quickly, but other than that he's very outgoing and sociable.  So really our latest changes with him are mostly just dealing with his energy and his endless tantrums.  He's also so much fun though... he loves to laugh, he loves to run and up and attack me and tickle my feet.  He loves to cuddle in our laps and read books.  It's just been so fun to see him grow up!

Here are some new picutes!