Thursday, April 26, 2012

Snapshot of April!

I feel like my boys are growing up way to fast this month!  I just looked at Trey this morning and noticed how tall and skinny he looks.  And Ethan is losing his baby chub and feels so much thinner and is also much longer!  I guess you can't keep them babies forever...

Trey is 2 1/2 in a few days.  He keeps me on my toes constantly with endless movement and endless chatter.  He asks questions about everything.  He also likes to give me a play-by-play.  His favorite thing to do in the car is tell me everything he sees!  Favorite things to do: being lazy in his bed in the morning after he wakes up, putting together his train tracks and then creating obstacles so that the train will crash (I don't like that game to much!), making cards for people, playing with his cars (he lines them  up on the window sill), playing pretend games with all his stuffed animals, watching "Dora the Explorer" or "Land Before Time".  Ducky I and Ducky II still always have to be within sight... although we convinced him that when we go somewhere he can only take one of them.  He is starting to play with his brother more which is really cute.  His absolute favorite thing to do is to play outside with the soccer ball or on the playground.  Thankfully he is old enough now to run around on the playground without needing me constantly by his side... so I can just sit with Ethan and watch!

Ethan will be 8 months old in a few days!  He is over 20 lbs and over 27 inches long.  He can sit up for a while and also is scooting a little bit on his tummy.  But for the most part he would rather just be held or lay on his back.  He is happiest when he has someone's attention.  And oh boy oh boy is he a mama's boy!  I can't even leave the room without him screaming within 3 seconds.  Even when someone he loves alot is holding him but he sees me he starts crying.  It's nice to be loved... but I will mostly be happy when this separation anxiety stage or whatever it is is over.  But he is the sweetest thing!  He has a few other new skills now too.  He will wave when you tell him too and also clap his hand.  So cute!  I think he's in the middle of a big growth spurt because this past week he's been grouchy, sleeping ALOT, and eating ALOT.  So I've increased the solid food.  He loves yogurt, anything fruit and sweet potatoes or squash.  He doesn't like carrots, or anything green (aka. peas or green beans;-)).

That's all I have energy for today... a little update on the boys.  More later hopefully!  Here are some photos: