Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back to the Old Blog

If I've confused my readers completely (if I have any left), I apologize.  I've jumped from one blog space to another until I don't even remember myself with one I'm using right now.  So we're back to the original... and I've just changed the name and design a bit.  Sorry guys!

We've had alot going on in our home lately!  Last week we announced that we're expecting Baby #2.  We are 12 weeks along now and wanted to wait atleast until after our second doctor's appointment (which was last week) before telling the world.  Things are going really well!  We even got a surprise sonogram and were able to see the baby's head and body, beating heart and little legs and arms.  They did this because at my first appointment they were a little unsure, because of the baby's size, what my due date was.  But now they are pretty positive that September 8th is the right date!  Wow, that seems really soon!!

I found out I was pregnant a few days after Christmas.  We were down with Pj's family at the beach house in Corolla, NC.  I had been feeling off (although looking back now it was probably still too early for many symptoms) and so I took a test and the first was pretty faint, but I knew (as you do after you take hundreds of tests;-)) that it was positive.  So I kept quiet about it since Pj was upstairs with everyone.  I brought Trey down to my room and under his t-shirt I wrote on his belly with my eye pencil "Big Brother".  Then I called Pj down and asked him to help me with Trey.  I told him that he had some weird rash on his belly.  Pj was very shocked!!  And very happy too:-)  And Trey was just drinking his bottle without a care in the world.  We took another test the next day and then on New Year's Eve we told our immediate family.  And they had to keep the secret until last week and did a great job doing so!!!

It's been a rough month for me.  Early mornings are fine, the rest of the day I've been struggling with nausea.  Thankfully, I haven't thrown up at all!  But I did get a bad case of the flu for a week in mid-January, that was not fun!  And running after Trey has kept me busy, busy, busy!!  With Trey I didn't gain any weight the first trimester.  With this one, I haven't only not gained anything yet, I've lost 5lbs and struggling to keep the weight I do gain.  I guess having a toddler really does help you get exercise.  I'm not worried though.  I know it I will start gaining soon!  And then I will probably complain (although it's my huge goal to only gain the recommended weight this time and that's it!!).  Other than nausea I've just felt tired, of course.  No surprise there!  But I think all of this is starting to subside, yeah!

In other big news, Pj has officially graduated with his masters.  He went through graduation ceremony last spring, but now he has his diploma (well, he still has to go pick it up... but it's there)!  It's very wonderful to be able to close that door and focus on other doors (like getting a house;-)).

In Trey-land, we are dealing with alot of developmental changes in Trey's personality... mostly independence.  He loves to draw with crayons, to organize small pieces of anything in boxes, to throw balls and see how loud they can sound and high they can bounce (poor neighbors below us!), and climbs all our furniture that he can.  He can now eat with a spoon pretty well and is starting to figure out the fork.  We go through quiet an ordeal during meals because of his love for throwing food on the floor.  Punishment for this is no more food... which he doesn't seem to mind so he not be all that hungry;-).  He loves to wrestle with the dog and his daddy and mommy (but mommy is trying to be careful about that right now since he loves to jump on my tummy... probably not good for his sibling;-)).  And Trey LOVES to go outside.  If I say, "Trey, let's go take a walk!" he races to the front door very excited.  Sometimes we just walk around the neighborhood and he looks at everything.  Sometimes we go up to the baseball field at the school near us with his soccer ball and he runs without stopping!  I'm looking forward to this summer because we'll probably be outside most of the time!  It's too bad we don't have a yard or we could just sit in the pool all day... sounds like heaven to me!!  Trey is also talking alot more now.  He is starting to use some sentences (although probably only a few people close to him would even understand what he's saying), "What is it?", "Where is it?", "I don't want to".  The "I don't want to" phrase is usually used when someone asks him for a kiss.  He doesn't like giving hugs or kisses very much.  But he loves to give high fives and puts all his strength into it!  That being said... you can see why I love my life as a stay-at-home mom with my little man!  Each day is a blessing:-)

That's it for today!  Here are some pictures!