Friday, April 29, 2011

Working on Names

Well, we still don't quite have a name yet for our next little boy.  But we're getting closer!  We've narrowed it down two four or five combination, two of them were more seriously looking at.  However we're thinking we might wait until he's born before announcing.  We'll see!  You never know with us.

Alot of you already know, but a week or two after our sonogram, I received a call from the doctor that I currently have placenta previa.  This is where the placenta is low and covering or partially covering the cervix causing various complications if it doesn't fix itself.  Thankfully I am early enough in my pregnancy that there is  90% chance that this will fix itself by week 28.  Also, I found out that only the tip of the placenta is covering the cervix, which makes my chances even better.  So it's just a waiting game right now.  But until the next sonogram to see what has happened, I am not supposed to lift more than 20lbs, can't run and do anything strenuous along with a few other things.  Obviously my first concern was Trey because I still have to carry him alot and he is 26 lbs.  But the doctor assured me it will be okay as long as I just try to limit this.  So we're working on Trey walking up and down steps on his own alot these days, and he has gotten alot better.  The only problem is when we get near the top of the steps of our condo toward the front door, he stops and tries to go back down because he hates being inside these days.  I don't blame him with all the great weather we've been having!!  We spend alot of time taking walks or playing on the porch.  I can't wait till we someday have a yard hopefully!

This past week we had a really nice day in the 80's, so we went to my parent's house for the morning and Trey got to swim in the baby pool for the first time this summer (pictures to follow).  He loved it.  Aunt Rachel sprayed him with the hose and, though freezing cold, he thought it was awesome.  He has absolutely no fear of water, it's so funny!  I can't wait to see him go in the ocean this July!!

Trey's little brother is getting more and more active each day.  I can now see my stomach rolling around as he kicks and does head stands or whatever he's doing in there!  His favorite times to be on the move are around 9 in the morning and 9 at night.  I've started cleaning out closets and reorganizing things in preparation for bringing back little baby items.  Somehow we'll fit it all in!  I'm appreciated all the more the TV shows that show how to better organize.

Last weekend we enjoyed Easter with Pj's family this year at his parent's home.  Trey enjoyed the candy, especially the jelly beans.  He didn't quite get the Easter Egg hunt, but he understood there was candy in the eggs and horded them as he gathered rather them letting Daddy put them in his basket.  He ate them within minutes!  It was a very long day and he fell asleep the second we got home... as did Mommy!

This weekend Pj will be preaching at our church.  It will be his second time and I'm looking forward to hearing him.  He did a really good job last time.  I can't imagine getting up there and talking for so long, let alone just two minutes. 

This past week or two I've been keeping busy working on a few design projects... a logo for one organization and a postcard for another.  It's been fun!  I've really been thankful for the timing of these projects too to help distract me while I was a bit worried about the placenta previa and just trying to take it easy (don't worry, I'm barely think about it now:-)).

Well, that's it for now!  Here are some photos of Easter and of Trey's swimming day:-)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

We're having a boy!

On Friday I went in for my big sonogram and we found out that we're having a boy!  Apparently he is a very wiggly little baby because the technician was having a difficult time getting the photos she needed for the doctor.  I'm going to have to go in again next week, which means another chance to see him again.  People have asked if we cared one way or the other.  Honestly I didn't really care whether it was a boy or girl, but we did think it would be good timing to have a boy for Trey's sake... he needs a buddy!  Plus, we have everything we need for a boy and the timing is close enough that this one will be able to wear all of Trey's old clothes for the most part (depending on how he grows;-)).  So we're very excited of course!  A bunch of our friends are having boys this summer as well, so he'll have plenty of friends his age too.

I have a bunch of cute pictures from the sonogram but will upload them later once I get them scanned into the computer!

So I'm 19 weeks right now... next week I will be halfway through the pregnancy!  It's gone by super fast so far.  I can still wear all my old clothes for the most part, but I am opting for maternity pants alot of the time now just because they are more comfortable.  This baby feels like an active one, just like Trey was, kicking and moving around all the time.  So I'm wondering if I have another high energy boy on the way... maybe the two will wear each other out.

Trey will be 1 & 1/2 on May 6th!  We've had so much fun watching him grow the past weeks.  He says "pease" for "please" now and its so adorable we can never say no when he does that, especially Pj!  He says "Daddy" for Pj and "Money" for me (instead of "Mommy").  If we ask him what a rooster makes the right sound, and the same for a cat.  He says "yes" and "no" although most times "yes" sounds like "yet"!  I bought him this new toy last week that is a string with a bunch of wood farm animals that  you string onto it.  He loves it and will make me a necklace and bring it over and put it on my neck.  His favorite thing to do is take walks and to play on the playground, particularly the slides.  He has no fear of slides and will got down head first on his stomach and laugh the whole way!

Since Pj has been so busy with work at the school the past month or two, we had a family weekend last week.  Saturday we watched movies and relaxed and then on Sunday we went to the DC zoo.  We figured since it was a nice cool cloudy day that no one else would be there, but apparently everyone else and their brother thought the same thing.  But it was still fun!  We were curious to see what Trey would think or if he would even notice the animals.  He loved it!  His favorite for the elephants I think.  He just seemed so fascinated with everything.  We had the stroller with us, but let him walk holding Pj's hand alot of the time since that's what he prefers.  He was beaming.  I think he felt like a big boy getting to walk like everyone else.  It definitely wore him out... he fell asleep two seconds after he was in his carseat!  It was a good day:-)

That's it for us for now!